Change Your World

Change Your World: How Anyone, Anywhere Can Make a Difference

The journey begins with Transformation Tables. Six weeks of conversations addressing universal values that have the potential to make us bigger on the inside than on the outside. Tables meet in person or virtually for one hour each week. Each of these six lessons focus on the values needed to make lasting change: hope, listening, valuing every person, integrity, forgiveness, and multiplication.

Want to go to the next level? After completing a Transformation Table, the journey continues with Action Tables. Following the same six-week format (one hour per week), lessons in these tables shift the focus to moving collaboratively and strategically from good intentions to good actions.

Once both Transformation Tables and Action Tables have been completed, you will unlock access to a toolbox full of resources to help you design a unique Action Plan for changing your world!

What is a CYW transformation table?

John Maxwell talks about greatness coming from being bigger on the inside than on the outside. Values are what it takes to be bigger on the inside and these Transformation Tables will address six foundational values: Hope, Listening, Valuing Every Person, Integrity, Forgiveness, and Multiplication. Transformation Tables meet for one hour a week over a six-week period of time. Based on the book, Change Your World, by John Maxwell and Rob Hoskins, you will learn “How anyone, anywhere can make a difference.”

My goal is to lead people through a table to create a meaningful impact in your life and those around you.

Do you want to Change Your World?

Do you have a specific dream of how you or your organization can have a bigger impact in the community around you? Or do you want to make a difference, but aren’t sure where to start? CYW Transformation Tables are designed to help you find your vision, strengthen your values, and create a plan for action.