De-escalation Training

Can You De-escalate Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime?

Good question! There is no “little black book” of phrases that you can just conjure that will make people de-escalate. If everyone is so different that all have different needs, how is it even possible to de-escalate anyone?!?

What you need are Universal Principles which apply to any age person, any level of ability or disability, and any setting. A Principle-Based approach to de-escalation is effective because it guides you in any situation, no matter who you deal with.

Learn 5 surprises and 3 Guiding Principles, that will allow you to remain in control at all times, support anyone, anywhere, with any issue, and avoid the wrong response which can make the situation worse.

Why is de-escalation important for my team?

When you de-escalate someone or some situation, you act to improve the situation (and not make it worse.) Your intervention might be something you do, something you say or even choosing to do or say nothing. Just about anything could be the right response.

You definitely want to avoid the wrong response.
The wrong response can make the situation worse!

Whether you are communicating with your fellow team members, clients, or customers, these techniques will help you improve your communication and prevent unwanted results.


De-escalate Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Unplug the Power Struggle with Principle-Based De-escalation

While no single technique will work on every person, there is a small set of principles that do apply to everyone. These principles are universal so they apply to any age person, any level of ability or disability, and any setting.