DISC Consulting

What if you could tap into your team's greatest motivations and dramatically improve and accelerate your results? The Maxwell DISC Method is the key to your success.

The DISC Personality System is the universal language of behavior. Research has shown that behavioral characteristics can be grouped together in four major groups. People with similar styles tend to exhibit specific behavioral characteristics common to that style. All people share these four styles in varying degrees of intensity. DISC will help you better understand how you can communicate more effectively with others. More effective communication with other DISC types will help you better connect with others since you can take into consideration their preferred way of receiving information and communication. Team interaction is affected by the different behaviour styles. The Maxwell DISC method builds a stronger team that communicates, appreciates the style of others and works well together. Develop effective strategies for handling conflict and personality clashes. DISC allows teams to be developed to be their best.

How can DISC help my team?

Do you want to know how to improve your team’s communication and solve conflicts? Do you want to know how to better encourage your team members ? Do you need to learn the fears, strengths and weaknesses of your team members or future recruits to better match jobs to individuals? Do you want to know how your people can function under stress? Do you have relationship issues?

Why Maxwell DISC method for your team?

The Maxwell DISC Method has been designed around the leadership philosophies of the world’s number 1 leadership expert, John Maxwell. Maxwell DISC has been used organizations around the globe, including The United States Air Force Academy since 2003.

A leading DISC assessment to provide an in-depth analysis of behavior is coupled with an action plan built from the best practice leadership principles of Maxwell. It creates a framework for your team’s growth.